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Power Drive Components, Inc. is the leader in manufacturing miniature precision mechanical components with over 25 years of experience. We are praised for being consistent in delivering widgets on-time around the world. Our in house manufacturing is responsible for over 80% of the products we sell like precision gears, sprockets and pulleys, timing belts, roller chains, worm gears, spur gears, bevel gears, beam couplings,  and many more quality precision mechanical components. The other 20% of our distribution components are hardware and fasteners and come from top quality manufacturers we are proud to put our name on. Power Drive Components high quality mini precision mechanical parts are used in many industries from robotics to manufacturing equipment; from controls for medical instruments to laser printers. For over 25 years, industries of all types have been relying on Power Drive for high quality precision mechanical parts, custom machining on CNC lathe and CNC milling. We are leading the way in complete solutions for many of our customers and look forward to earning your business.

Power Drive Components utilizes advanced technological processes in our gear manufacturing operation. Employing a skilled workforce we strive to build a wide range of solutions to fit our client’s needs. Some of our customers include, Parker-Hannifin, Philips Respironics, Disney World, and many more. The industries served run the gamut from aerospace to material handling, medical equipment, measuring devices, automation, small appliances, and robotics, semiconductor industries.

Power Drive’s manufacturing plant is located in Farmingdale New York, with CNC, gear cutting and molding now in the same building to better control all processes. This 8,000 square foot manufacturing space also houses our headquarters and 14 dedicated engineers and craftsmen.

Call and speak to one of our sales associates at 1-877-853-4465 or fax a custom order to 631-393-6769 and take advantage of having quality parts made in the USA at affordable prices with an impeccable ON-TIME delivery record.

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